History of Marsh Creek Eagles

It began as a dream of two fathers dedicated to their family and the community, driven to create a youth football program that would envelope the qualities of team spirit, commitment, discipline, and community involvement. Through their dedication and hard work, they began the Marsh Creek Football Organization in 1994. This is their story and the birth of a great youth football program known as The Marsh Creek Eagles.

Mike Biffel and Dan Driscoll, long time residents of the Marsh Creek area, each had children who loved to play football. In the fall of 1993, they registered their children in a local youth football program. During that first season, both Mike and Dan recognized the strengths and weaknesses of this program. With the desire to start their own youth football program, they were advised that there were no openings available to start a youth weighted program in our area. However, it was suggested to them that they should contact the Director of the (former) BCFL (Berks County Football League) and inquire about openings in the un-weighted league. Lady Luck was on their side that fateful day when they called. The BCFL advised them that indeed there was one opening. All they had to do was generate enough registrations for three teams. One Knee High team of 7 and 8 yr olds, one Mite Team of 9 and 10 yr olds, and one Midget Team of 11 and 12 yr olds. “By the way”, the league director mentioned, “we need to have the registrations back in two weeks.” So, with only two son’s willing to register, Mike and Dan called every neighbor, friend and foe, they knew who had a child, age eligible to play football.

Two weeks later, The Marsh Creek Eagles was formed, and admitted into the BCFL. The Creek, as they became known, had a mixed bag of players that inaugural year. Mike Biffel coached 20 Kneehighs to a 4-5 record. Dan Driscoll coached 20 Mites to the playoffs with a 7-3 record, and 15 Midget players won 1 game under the direction of Willy Tolbert. Everyone played, and most important of all, everyone had lots of fun. Word quickly spread about this new youth football program, playing out of Hickory Park. A program based on providing fundamental instruction that encourages team spirit, discipline, grit and the ability to challenge each player to perform to their highest level of excellence. The following year, Marsh Creek grew to 125 players. Today, Marsh Creek Eagles expects to have more than 500 players participating in the Flag, Football and Cheerleading programs in the fall.

Today, Marsh Creek is more than just a youth football program. Mike and Dan’s dream for the pursuit of an exceptional youth football program has evolved into a cooperative spirit of families working together as volunteers for the betterment of our community. The Marsh Creek Eagles program over the last ten years has established itself as a powerhouse of exceptional players who exemplify integrity, respect and the willingness to achieve their personal best on and off the field. Collectively, the children and families of our community will continue to remain focus and steadfast in keeping Mike and Dan’s dream alive.

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