Snack Bar Policy

Snack Bar Policy

We operate our snack bar as a convenience to the spectators, but also as a major source of funds for the organization. To make sure that we are able to operate the facility properly, we have developed a Snack Bar Policy. Please review the policy, evaluate your own schedule and be prepared to fulfill your obligation at a time that is best for you. As an organization, we are fortunate to have this source of funds; and that we are not forced to always be asking our membership to be out selling and/or soliciting in your neighborhoods. Working in the Snack Bar is a great way to raise some of the funds that we need and to also meet other Marsh Creek families.

This policy has been developed to ensure that the Snack Bar is, at all times, well staffed during the scheduled operating hours. It also clearly defines the responsibility of every Marsh Creek member to that staffing schedule.

  • Volunteers will be scheduled from Monday thru Friday.
  • No M.C.E. member will be asked to work on game days.
  • Scheduling will occur at the first team meeting. Each team is responsible for a full week during the season.
  • At the first team meeting, you may select a time that is most convenient for you. If you are not at that meeting, your name, with the others who are absent, will be placed in a container. As those names are drawn, they will be added to complete the volunteer roster for the committed week. Those volunteers will be advised of the date and time that they have been scheduled to staff the Snack Bar.
  • If you are unable to fulfill your obligation as scheduled, you must find an alternate. Failure to replace yourself will prevent your child from playing in the following weekend game. It is necessary to enforce this ruling to remain fair to all volunteers.

Because only 15 people are needed to staff the Snack Bar each week, not everyone will be assigned. To make it convenient for you and to not leave it up to chance, volunteer when you know that you will be available. Please remember that this organization is run completely by volunteers. All of our lives are busy, by doing your fair share, no one person will be overly burdened.

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